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Letter to Legislators

We encourage you to contact your legislators regarding airport funding. Below is a sample letter for you to use. In the second paragraph, please specifically mention a project that would be effected by a lack of state funding.

Dear XXX,

I wanted to take a quick moment to follow-up on an important issue related to funding of our airports system in the state of Indiana. Currently, the funding level in the proposed budget for airport capital improvement projects across the state is $4M. I strongly encourage you to raise that level to at least $4.8M. This money leverages federal grant dollars at a 19:1 ratio – ie. for every $1M we invest, we leverage $18M in federal dollars coming back to the state to improve our transportation infrastructure and create and sustain jobs. This is the highest level of federal match of any transportation investment. This is a low risk investment too, as no dollars are spent without the match being guaranteed.

Specifically, if we don’t restore the state’s portion of the match, we put projects at all airports at risk. (INSERT A SPECIFIC PROJECT FROM THE AIRPORT THE LEGISLATOR REPRESENTS)

I know and understand the many budgetary pressure you are under right now, but this is a relatively small ask with big implications. The ability to bring federal tax dollars back to the state to support local Hoosier jobs is incredibly important. Please don’t put these important projects at risk, instead restore the funding for airport capital improvement projects to at least $4.8M. Thank you for your time.

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