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Interactive Map

Welcome to the Aviation Assoc. of Indiana membership map (http://gis.cocigis.us/dekalb-aaimap/).  This map will help you locate information for some classes of AI’s members and for public-use airports throughout Indiana.  Additionally, this map will help you find contact information for your state legislators.

The application window consists of the title and web links across the top along with several search tasks and tools for navigation, identification and measurement.  Below and to the left are windows for the table of contents and for displaying the search task results.  Below and to the right is the map window.

The links across the top access the AI website, AI’s disclaimer and a simple “help” site for the map application.  The navigation, identification and measurement tools are explained by the “help” site.  Note that the identify tool is set to identify only those layers currently visible on the map.

The upper left corner below the map title shows tasks to search for airports by name, ID, or associated city and for AI members by name.  It is not necessary to type the entire search string.  It is often easier to type part of the name, let the search tool find all the matching results and then select the desired result from the results window on the left side of the screen.  A more specific search does, however, reduce the number of unwanted results.  Default examples have been provided for the search tasks.  Right-clicking on a result in the results window allows a user to zoom or pan to a result within the map window or to remove a result from the results window.  The items in the results window can be expanded or contracted by left-clicking on the + or – signs much like the folder tree in Windows Explorer®.

The layers in the map contents window can also be expanded or contracted by clicking on the + or – signs.  Expanding the layers will show the legend for that layer.  Left clicking in the box next to the layer name will turn the layer on/off.  An empty box indicates the layer is off, a check mark indicates the layer is on, and a faded gray check mark means the layer is on but the map is not zoomed to a level where the layer is visible.

There may be some parts which may not perform as desired, such as minor issues with the printing function.  As the technology improves the mapping application will improve accordingly.  Let us know of any issues but please be patient as some issues we cannot fix.

This map is provided through voluntary services of AI members and is hosted by CoCiGIS (www.cocigis.us).  AI owes a special thank you to Chris Dintaman and the Indiana Geological Survey for their efforts to create and provide data which serves as the base for AI’s mapping application.

This mapping application is provided without warranty and is subject to the website disclaimer.  The content has been compiled from various federal, state and local sources and is subject to change without notice.  Neither AI nor its members are responsible for any errors or omissions.  For mapping application questions and/or comments contact Brad Stump, GISP, at bstump@ci.auburn.in.us or 260-927-2356.