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    • Trump Buzzed By Paraglider
      A 55-year-old man has been arrested in Scotland after a Greenpeace protester flew a powered parachute within a few hundred feet of U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday.


    • European ADS-B Mandate Won't Be Met
      Many European operators say they won’t meet the European Aviation Safety Agency’s June 7, 2020 ADS-B mandate and EASA seems to be getting ready to cope with the patchwork of compliance that will resul …


    • Vaping Pilot Triggers Emergency Descent
      Air China will take a “zero tolerance” approach to its investigation of a first officer’s apparently bungled attempt to sneak an in-flight vape aboard one of its Boeing 737s last Tuesday.



    • Doc Cleared For Passenger Flights
      The FAA has cleared Doc, one of two flying B-29s, for passenger flights and they’ll start at the Heavy Bomber Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin on July 20. Doc will be at AirVenture 2018 but so far no rid …


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