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    • Going For Cold
      It’s going to be a chilly 45 degrees in normally balmy Savannah, Georgia on Monday (near freezing overnight) so you can understand why those with access to the latest Gulfstream business jet might wan …


    • Airliner De-Iced With Hot Water
      Italian authorities are looking into the operations at Brindisi Airport after an Italian politician shot video of ground crews de-icing a Ryan Air aircraft with buckets of hot water.


    • E-Cigarette Battery Causes Baggage Hold Fire
      Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has determined that a small lithium ion battery used to power an e-cigarette caused a baggage compartment fire that resulted in a Mayday and subsequent emergency l …


    • Engines Quit On Landing 787
      All Nippon Airways, Japanese authorities and Boeing are investigating why both engines on a 787-8 shut down simultaneously during rollout at Osaka Itami Airport last week.


    • Suit Filed In Mountain Crash
      Family members of passengers killed in the 2016 crash of a Cessna 182 in Tennessee are claiming controllers should have warned the non-instrument-rated pilot he was about to hit a mountain in IMC.


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